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© 2019 by Susan Silvestri

Susan Silvestri

​Susan Silvestri is an author/speaker, dancer/choreographer, and actor/producer. She trained top level gymnasts and is certified in pilates. She understands the need to balance nutrition, fitness and healthy self-image with the pressures of performance. She has a heart to help others in walking the journey toward health and freedom.

Susan has a Master of Ministry in Fine Arts and has developed the Women of Worth Creative Seminar to help bring healing to hearts through the arts.

Susan is also the founder of Women of Worth (WOW) Dance Co., which uses the art of professional dance to depict messages of God's heart for social justice and personal value in a powerful way.

Women of Worth
Who We Are:

Women of Worth is dedicated to equipping women with an understanding of their authentic selves and launching them toward pathways of wholeness. All women have one thing in common: the need for a healthy perception of who they really are. This can be especially true for women in Hollywood with high expectations or lost dreams and women who have lost their self worth through sex trafficking or abuse.

Be all you were created to be

Susan Silvestri uses her book wHoly Fit, wHoly Free to encourage and activate women from every walk of life to hear God’s voice for themselves in order to know their true identity. Susan travels to bring the message of hope and value through speaking, empowering teams to meet women’s needs within small group settings and through leading creative seminars. The Women of Worth Creative Seminars use writing, dance, art and film to propose a unique way of encountering God’s truth and revelation to understand and inspire a healthy self-image so that all women can, with dignity, become everything God created them to be.

Women of Worth (WOW) Serves:

  • Women who have been victims of sex trafficking

  • Women in the entertainment industry

  • Women in leadership who want to instill this concept of value into their group or organization

  • Women in small group settings who want to develop a healthy self-image and experience God

  • Women conferences

How Can You Pray:
  • W – Women: Pray for the women who will be touched by WOW

  • O – Opportunity: Pray that God opens the doors for those who need WOW most

  • W – Willing partners: Pray for people to join the WOW prayer team and financial support team. To make a donation, visit:
    The Cause or click on the donate button below.